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ChanteSez … I believe you can fly

11 Jul

Really, I do. And since I’m in Chicago — me and R. Kelly’s hometown — but flying back to Atlanta today, here are a few rules for things flight-related.

  • Capitalize “Flight,” and use numerals: Flight 1545
  • Same with “Terminal” and “Gate”: Terminal 7; Gate C
  • Airline companies take capitalized names, being proper nouns and all: American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, US Airways, etc.
  • Also capitalize the proper names of airports: Midway International Airport, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.
  • You can shorten the name of an airport, but don’t make one up: John F. Kennedy International Airport can be shortened to Kennedy Airport, but Boston Airport doesn’t exist. It’s actually Logan International Airport, or, if you prefer, Logan Airport.