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So many reasons to celebrate: Mo Audio turns 1

1 Apr

One week ago today, Mo Audio celebrated its first birthday. Our guest was soul and R&B singer Donnie, whose critically acclaimed album The Colored Section broke the mold for what modern soul should sound like.

Donnie’s an amazing artist. And he’s just one of the amazing artists we’ve had the pleasure of talking to on our show over the past year.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with my co-hosts, Carlton Hargro and Larmarrous Shirley. We had a podcast together years ago when Carlton and I were colleagues at Creative Loafing. Here’s a throwback shot from one of our sessions. We used to record at Harlem Bar, now BQE Lounge, off Edgewood Avenue.

Carlton-Chante AudioFloss

It’s really something how things come full circle. Now, instead of being underwritten by our local newsweekly, Carlton and Larmarrous have Slo Mo, a publication dedicated to all things soul music, to support our weekly broadcast.

I frequent Edgewood Avenue — including what I think will be a fun summer with DJ Tabone‘s Kool School Sundays at BQE.

Then there’s the connection with Jabari Graham, with whom I first crossed paths via Art Beats & Lyrics. Plus, he was friends with Dubelyoo, and we had North Carolina in common.

J’s the reason we have our show now, being the founder of AB+L Radio. And AB+L Radio was recently awarded a Best of Atlanta Award by Creative Loafing.

I am truly blessed to have such talented, striving, inspiring visionaries in my life. They make my life substantial. They make me feel like I’m a part of something special. Because they all certainly are. I love you guys. Thank you for everything.

Ministers of Sound lifts up Atlanta’s best DJs through photos and music

27 Feb

“Amen! Ashe! Word!” The one-night-only Ministers of Sound installation on Sunday, Feb. 24, transformed Space 2 into an artistic sanctuary worthy of the DJs honored in the installation — as well as the curator’s late father.

About five years after initially conceiving the project, Kemi Bennings of Evolve! Artists Live, along with a buzzing crowd of about 200, saw — and felt — it come to life.

The warehouse-style room had undergone a cultural sanctification that started in the wee hours, complete with stained glass framed and hung from the ceiling, centuries-old pews, and the iconic red carpet runner that led from the door to the “pulpit.”

It was there that a number of the DJs honored in the photos took to the turntables.

The DJ procession included DJ Jamal Ahmad (WCLK-FM 91.9), DJ Kai Alce, DJ Salah Ananse, DJ Applejac, DJ Ausar, DJ Karl Injex, DJ Cha-Cha Jones, DJ Kemit, DJ Osmose, DJ Ramon Rawsoul (House In The Park), DJ Sky, DJ Tabone (WRFG-FM 89.3) and DJ Mike Zarin.

Ministers of Sound

Each played two songs, which Bennings had directed should “inspire and empower the crowd.”

I found myself most grateful for Cha-Cha’s hip-hop leanings, Applejac’s golden and timeless beats that you know but yet don’t, and Ahmad’s Stevie Wonder selections.

Although the music added to the rapturous atmosphere, the photography served as the basis for the installation.

The photos were taken by Annette Brown. They captured each DJ in an environment — and sometimes in spiritual garb — that reflected his or her own spiritual aesthetic. The photo titles, printed on a label pasted onto a 45-inch record, also reflected those beliefs.

In some cases, captions that Bennings wrote about various spiritual tenants were matched up with a DJ.

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First-ever Atlanta Weekender continues through Sunday

31 Aug

For those who want to mix in a little house music with their Dragon*Con and Black Gay Pride plans, consider the Atlanta Weekender. It officially kicked off yesterday.

Atlanta’s finest house and soul music DJs — Kemit, Kai Alce, Salah Ananse and Ramon Rawsoul — are the main attraction, although guests from out of town, including Baltimore’s Karizma who is spinning at Sound Table tonight, will represent as well.

The big event is Sunday’s House in the Park, which moves to Grant Park from Perkerson for the first time.

Here’s an excerpt from my buddy Carlton Hargro, who wrote about it for Creative Loafing.

By now, most dance enthusiasts are aware that Labor Day in Atlanta means it’s time for another installment of House in the Park. This annual outdoor celebration of music and fellowship … featuring the turntable powers of Ramon Rawsoul, DJ Kemit, Kai Alce and Salah Ananse has become a destination for house heads from all over the world for almost a decade.

Check out the full story, which includes a Q&A with Weekender founder Ananse here.

Sunday School moves to new location tonight

20 May

Tonight, Salah Ananse moves his weekly Sunday School soiree to the Sound Table after nearly a year at the Reserve atop Cafe Circa.

I’m more excited about the event now that it’s at the Edgewood Aveune favorite, just a few doors east of Cafe Circa. Expect fewer cigars, a bit less pretense — although there have always been friendly faces and no formal dress code — and maybe more dancing.

The weather’s gorgeous (and will remain in the 70s till later), so check it out tonight and every Sunday at 8 p.m. until late. No cover.

Glenn Underground DJing at Sound Table tonight

27 Apr

Chicago has been making a big showing in Atlanta recently, with Terry Hunter having played here on Saturday, and Glenn Underground playing Sound Table tonight for his first Atlanta appearance.

Kai Alce’s monthly Distinctive has brought some legendary DJs through town, and Alce is a force in his own right, many times opening up for the guest DJ or spinning solo.

“Glenn is part of the second generation of pioneers coming from Chicago, right behind legends such as Lil Louis , Larry Heard and Marshall Jefferson,” Alce says. He’s most impressed by Underground’s production — and the Friday-night set is a big deal considering the self-taught keyboardist’s beliefs often prevent such bookings.

$10 all night. Doors at 10 p.m., but you may want to come a wee bit later so that Sound Table’s dinner crowd clears out and you have room to dance.

Join Jack Preston at DOJO tonight

12 Apr

Jack Preston has been organizing some of the freshest performances monthly since last summer. They’re like jam sessions … but you won’t get bored. The event started in Sound Table — it would be a trip glimpsing Preston rhyming over a few live instruments in a tight cipher in the smallish area — but has been held in Space 2 recently now that it’s officially open.

On The Lookout with Peven Everett: 5 quick questions

29 Mar

Peven Everett, a longtime house music producer/vocalist/performer with Chicago roots, is coming to the Sound Table tomorrow night, courtesy of Kai Alce and NDATL/Distinctive. Alce will be spinning, along with ST’s own Karl Injex.

OTL caught up with Everett for 5 quick questions.

Photo by Carlos Bell

1) How are you? (I mean this sincerely!) What’s going on?

Everything’s pretty OK right now. What’s the use in complaining.

2) Give us the rundown of how a (typical, if I may) Peven Everett production comes together.

It’s hard to say so I don’t because often times my explanation is thought to be self-preserving. I think it’s selflessly preserving as well as being involuntarily self-preserving. Everyone does it different and must never tell their method if they wish to have any future value.

3) Who or what are you on the lookout for these days? (It could be an artist, musical style, an inspiration, or an issue in the news.)

I am on the look out for everything.

4) What new projects are you working on? What should we be on the lookout for from you?

Be looking to like what you hear. No matter what.

5) What is the future of house music/soul music, in your opinion?

It could go many ways but only one way is the right way. There are only a few ” artists” with infinite marketing budgets and lips tight enough for a huge payoff as historically seen in the televised part of the music industry. Ninety percent of them — no, 95 percent of them — have been to my live shows  LOL. Music shields my spirit from the little things and keeps the beauty of my dreams from harm. Business and life are like a piano. A hidden hand is useless.