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ChanteSez … There’s no easy way through

24 Sep

Shorthand is commonplace when you’re texting or on Twitter and Facebook. And fast communication has a friend in fast food.

“Thru” is often used in place of the proper “through.”

But “drive-thru” is actually the only term where the shorthand is correct.

I understand you’re in a rush. Just remember to write right when it really matters.

ChanteSez … Back that thing up

17 Sep

Easy one this week, folks. It’s the difference between the action of backing up, building up, and the results thereof.

A few examples:

When you hold back on how you feel about small offenses, they’ll eventually build up — and lead to a blow up.

When you don’t make a backup of your files, you risk losing all your work.

Commercials that mention plaque buildup gross me out.

Sometimes you have to back up to move forward.

Notice the difference? When using “back up” or “build up” as a verb, it’s two words. As a noun — “backup” or “buildup” — you put them together for one word.

Think of it this way: Verb equals two words; noun, down to one.

ChanteSez…Weird Al is a genius

30 Jul

I wish I’d made this: “Word Crimes” by Weird Al. That is all.

ChanteSez … Know your criminal acts

9 Jul

It’s summertime in Atlanta. In my neighborhood, as in many others within city limits, there’s often a spike in criminal acts to correspond with temperature hikes.

Did you know there’s actually a difference between a burglary and a robbery? And between a homicide and a murder?

  • Burglary involves entering a building — not necessarily breaking in — with the intent to commit a crime. Robbery, on the other hand, includes using violence or force when trying to steal something.
  • You rob a person or a house, but you steal the money and valuables on hand.
  • Homicide is the legal term for a killing. Manslaughter is the act of killing, intent aside.
  • Murder, however, is premeditated homicide committed with malicious intent. A person shouldn’t be called a murderer unless there has been a conviction processed through the legal system.

There you go: Crime defined according to Associated Press, and ChanteSez. I certainly hope you escape any and all criminal acts — this season and beyond!

ChanteSez … Are you sure, ensure, or insure?

7 May

Do you like to be sure of things? One thing you may not be so sure about is the difference between “ensure” and “insure.”

Ensure means to guarantee, or make sure of something.

Insure references insurance, or paying a premium for future protection of assets, like a house or a car.

Here’s a way to remember it: It’s “easier” (with an “e”) to ensure something, but “I” don’t like paying for insurance.

ChanteSez … Did my water pipes ‘burst’ or ‘bust’?

15 Jan

A week ago today, my family, friends and neighbors came to my rescue, big time. Two pipes in my house gushed water after the cold snap, and the day before I woke up to no heat — on one of the coldest mornings in Atlanta’s history.

But within 48 hours, the pilot light had been lit in my furnace, a wet vac sucked water out of my soaked carpet, and repairs on the two pipes were complete.

I dedicate this week’s ChanteSez to Duane and Piggie, Jarrad, William, Elton, Aldon and my “Pops.” Thank you for being here for me!

Burst vs. bust — Which is correct? Burst. While “busted” may sound appropriate, it actually refers to an object being smashed, rather than it breaking open from within.

ChanteSez … Don’t get lost alone in the desert

1 May

I have a sweet tooth. I’ve been known to whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies close to midnight if I get a taste for them.

Suffice it to say, I’ve always got room for dessert. And usually, I want more of it.

So that’s today’s lesson: Add more — as in add a second “s” — when writing “dessert.”

As for the dry, arid land that you don’t want to get lost alone in, think of it this way: alone = solo = one “s.”

(Thank you to my dear friend Onnievon Pee for inspiring today’s ChanteSez!)

ChanteSez…Everything is going to be all right

27 Jun

Short and simple tonight, folks. It’s not aight, it’s not alright, but all right. Two words and a needed reminder for me right about now as my computer is dead and the uninsured ER bills pile up. Yes, every little thing, Mr. Marley!